Grant Application



1. Recipients should be charitable (501(c)(3)) or at least non-profit organizations.  This excludes individuals, ­even those who find themselves in a financially needy situation or seek to do good work. To those individuals, we request that they partner with an established charitable organization.

2. A completed application should accompany a Rotary Grant Request. You will find the link to download the grant application form at the bottom of this page.

3. Each application will require a description of the organization and its project, a statement of goals and objectives of the project, the total amount needed, and the amount requested from Rotary.

4. Recipients should be non-sectarian.

5. Generally, a sixty-day notice is preferred for any request.

6. Grants are not automatically repeated; an application must be submitted within each fiscal year for which a grant is needed. The Rotary budgetary year is July 1 to June 30.

7. Typically, Rotary is interested in supporting targeted projects that deal with health, hunger, poverty, problems of older adults and children, domestic abuse, education and literacy, disabilities, town beautification, and ecology.

8. Rotary welcomes the opportunity to partner with other service organizations to advance specific goals consistent with the objectives of Rotary.

9. Recipients will be expected to issue a follow-up report regarding the effect of Rotary¹s grant, to the extent feasible, that includes receipts, photographs, and the like.

10. Recipients are encouraged to acknowledge the Rotary Club of Winchester publicly.

11. Grant applications must be submitted online via the Google form to the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Winchester. 



Use the link below to complete the Google document of our grant application. Please SUBMIT your online grant application, and this will send the completed form to our club secretary at